If you grow your own vegetables, you know canning season will be rushed and busy. It only slows down when the last jar is sealed and the last bag is placed in the freezer. My favorite vegetable is creamed corn.

Harvesting corn was done by everybody. The wagon was hitched to the tractor. We walked along and picked the corn and put it on the wagon. When the wagon got full we went to the barn to unload and start all over until the field was picked.

Canning corn took long hours and many people to do but was worth every minute. The taste of fresh creamed corn seasoned with pepper and butter cannot be beat.

We would get in the shade of the wash shelter and set up several large tubs of cold water. Someone would shuck the corn by removing the husks and as much of the corn silk as possible by hand. The corn was placed in the first tub. The second person would take the corn and use a brush and finish removing the silk stuck between the rows of corn. They would also cut away any bad spots and cut off the ends of the corn cob. The corn was placed in the second tub of cold water.

Next the corn was cut off the cob with a wooden corn cutter. Be extra careful with the cutter. Cut the corn not the hand or fingers. After the corn was cut from the cob and the cob was scraped of all juice with a knife, the cobs were given to the livestock to eat. The shucks were also given to the livestock to eat.

The creamed corn has to blanched before it can be frozen. It is placed in a large pot on the stove and cooked on low heat being stirred continuously to prevent scorching. Scorched corn has to be thrown out as it is not edible.

It is cooked long enough to change the color and for the white milky juice to thicken up slightly. Cooking time varies by amount being blanched. It is then cooled and poured into freezer bags and frozen.


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