Growing up we used our imagination as a way to

be able to do or be some of the things we wanted. USA, LLC

...Imagination could turn a crooked stick into a gun for a game of cowboys and indians.

...Or, a broom into a bucking bronco.  

...Or, a short hunting expedition into an exotic safari.

...Or, a fishing trip into an epic battle between man and beast.  

Fish stories are usually told around a campfire,

or after a fishing trip whether successful or not. 

This story is a dramatic-fiction based on a true story.


As he pushed the boat into the water, Henry knew that today was different.

Fish were striking all over the pond. 

"That's never happened before." Henry thought.

As he jumped into the boat, and shoved off, he thought  "I'm gonna catch a big one today, hopefully, a big bass!"

He started casting to a nearby stump. As the lure hit the water, a big swirl came from the same spot.

He set back on the rod. The fight was on!

The fish swam away from the boat, then, right at the boat, then, under the boat.

He had to push the rod under the boat to keep the fish from breaking the line.

Finally, the fish swam away from the boat, where Henry could fight with him and tire him out.

After several minutes of fight, the fish jumped out of the water.

"Wow, that fish is as big as a whale!" Henry thought.

As he lifted the exhausted fish into the boat, the lure popped out!

Henry pounced on the fish and wrestled him to the bottom of the boat. 

As he held down the fish, he reached in the tackle box for a stringer.

Finally, Henry was able to put the fish on the stringer.

"Now that's the BIG ONE that DIDN'T get away!" he laughed. 


The real story is simple. 

A boy goes fishing with his Aunt and after paddling around the whole pond, he decides to make one last cast. 

The deep-diving plug lands next to the shoreline.

As the plug is slowly reeled back towards the boat, the plug suddenly just stops!

Then, the drag starts peeling away! 

Long story short, the boy lands a 7-3/4 pound bass!

As the above story shows, any everyday event and a little

imagination can take a story or adventure in any direction.

The Big Catch

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