Paper Games

When we were growing up, we played several games and activities using paper to

pass the time and relieve the boredom. Here are a few of them.

Take a piece of paper and fold in fourths long ways. Fold and make a triangle shape tucking the end into one side of the triangle. This is your football. The rules we used are as follows: Set boundaries for playing field.(desktop or table) Goal posts are index fingers touching with thumbs up in air. Kicker has three chances to get the football to the edge of the field without going out of bounds. This is a touchdown and scores 6 points. The extra point is scored by attempting to kick the football through the goal post by thumping the football from your side of the field. If a touchdown is not reached in three tries, then on the fourth chance, player can elect to try a fieldgoal for three points. Field goals are tried from the location of the football on the third try or any spot behind that spot. Opponents turn occurs when you score, or go out of bounds during your turn, or run out of tries. High Score wins.

Draw a girl or boy in a standing position on a piece of card stock or similar material. Color the hair with crayons, markers, color pencils. Add the facial characteristics. Cut out the doll. Draw a shirt, pants, dress, shoes, etc. that will fit the doll already made. Color the clothing as desired. Cut out the shapes including small tabs that can be folded over to the back of the doll to help hold the clothes in place. Mix and match the clothes as desired.

The design and size of an airplane is based entirely on the imagination. Folding and getting the perfect size and balance for long distance flight requires lots of time and tries. Having competitions to see whose airplane can stay in flight the longest or fly farthest was a common childhood activity.

Chains and Snowflakes
Snowflakes and construction paper chains were fun ways to decorate the Christmas tree. Cutting out strips and gluing them together to make colorful decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. Cutting out snowflakes and decorating them with glitter was another way we decorated.

There are countless other games and activities that can be played.

These are only the most common ones from our childhood.


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