Funny how dreams can change over time.

Our interests and abilities change as we grow older.

Some people around age 8 - 12, want to be a fireman or policeman or ballerina or teacher.

Maybe, by 16 - 20, they want to be a scientist or sports athlete or rock star.

Maybe, by 30 - 40, they want to own a sports car or be a doctor or lawyer or nurse or win the lottery.

Maybe, by 50 - ++, they want to retire on an island or open a successful enterprise.


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I had a conversation with a family member who was in her 70's. She was self-employed, involved in a full-time, and a separate part-time, business. She was asked what she "wanted" to do. Her reply surprised me. She said she still didn't know what she wanted to do "when she grew up". 

I had a conversation with another family member who works full time . She wants more time for family and hobbies.  She said wealth or location doesn't matter, but quality time is very important.

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A shack on the beach with lots of hunting and fishing sounds wonderful to me.However, an island with several acres of land and plenty of wildlife to hunt sounds even better. Maybe, with several beaches to fish and a 4 bed/4 bath home to entertain family and friends. And then, a steady stream of income so we could retire and have plenty of time to enjoy all the hunting and fishing.... ha ha! 

Some people wish of successful careers, others of adventures in far off places and others of just simple family pleasures. Whatever your dream may be, go after it with everything. Plan, educate, save, strategize, network or whatever you need to do to make it real. Sometimes, the original  is modified or replaced with something even better. That's fine. You only live once, enjoy it!  

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