Photography has been an interest and a passion for many years.

You keep watching this picture and thinking the seagull should move any second now...

Or, maybe he will just fly away...Or, maybe he will just take a step...Or... 

This is a picture of a train depot restored and

turned into a varied-purpose community center.

The ability to capture beauty and essence through photography was an interest that started many years ago. Taking a picture that creates the expectation that the objects in the picture are momentarly frozen and will start moving any second was always a desired goal.

Actually picking up a camera and taking pictures did not happen until recently. A camera is as vital as car keys and now goes with me everywhere possible. Simple trips to the store have been interrupted by stopping along the way to snap a picture or two of something that catches my attention.

Several pictures have been enlarged and hung in our home as decorations. Some pictures have been shared with friends so they can enjoy them also.

Throughout the years there has been a progression of camera types ranging from instant developing to 110 speed to 35mm to digital.

The advancement in the megapixels over the last few years has improved the quality of the pictures dramatically. More advanced software increases the ability to edit, enhance and print the pictures from home. This has virtually replaced the need to take them to a shop to be developed.

Having a camera that can video is vital in recording sporting events, vacations, weddings etc.

Most vocational schools and colleges offer classes that teach basic photography and videography. Online classes are increasing in their popularity as a way to learn at your own pace and during hours that are convenient.

Some organizations offer contests that can lead to publications, money making careers and gallery shows. Many careers have been launched by entering a contest.

The advancement in mobile phone capabilities allows pictures and videos to be taken and uploaded instantly to virtually any location.

For some, this is a money making career while others simply enjoy the fun in trying to capture the moment and create wonderful memories.

Whether you prefer a career or a hobby, give it your best "shot" and enjoy!


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