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Garden Update Early March 2014

Welcome Back!

Well...We haven't made much progress in the last few weeks.

Rainy weather and illnesses have definitely slowed our progress.

However, we were able to gather some more materials...275 gallon totes, miscellaneous seeds, and several potential customers for when the plants start producing vegetables.

The 150 seedlings are down to about 60.

The pool is full of water and several dozen minnows, and duckweed.

The 6 large tomato plants have numerous blooms, but no fruit.

The lemon trees are ready to transplant after the last frost.

Also, we have 12-20 lemon seeds that have sprouted and are ready to be potted.

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Garden Update Mid-February

Welcome Back !

We are still working on the greenhouse.

The 288 seedlings are down to about 150.

The 6 large tomato plants have several blooms, but no fruit.

The lemon trees are still growing and should be ready to plant in the Spring.

We decided not to plant any more seeds until the greenhouse is finished.

The pool is full of water, and a few dozen minnows.

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Garden Update 2014

Welcome back !

We are working on our starter / seedling greenhouse.

We have the frame up and the pool partially filled.

We have started duckweed in the pool with a few minnows to keep down the bug population.

We have 288 seedlings in the house in our "grow room". Plus, 6 Large tomato plants and 3 small lemon trees.

Hopefully, the seedlings and all plants will be in the greenhouse SOON !!!

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Garden Update

Welcome Back!

We are still researching info for our 2014 garden.

So far, we have accumulated seeds, grow beds, and swimming pools.

We also have several new books and gardening sources.

Please return to our website and check on our progress.

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