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Do You Remember...?

...Sunday lunch at Grandma's, then the fun of playing for the rest of the afternoon?

...Time spent chasing fireflies, watching clouds, and floating down the river in an inner tube?

...Simple childhood games of chase, hide & seek, jump rope, hopscotch, marbles, horseshoes, etc.

...Imagination could turn a crooked stick into a gun to play a game of cowboys and indians.

...Or, a broom into a bucking bronco.

Our goal is to leave some of the rushed pace and return to simpler times.

Getting together with friends for game night is a favorite occasion.

Choosing which games to play is usually the hardest decision.

We each have closets full of family favorites to choose from.

Hours are spent laughing, sharing stories, and jokes while we play cards, board games, etc.

Hand and Foot is our favorite card game.

It can be played with 2 or more people.

It's most fun when played with teams.

Hand & Foot

Objective of Game: Highest Points - Total Score.

Requires 6 decks of regular playing cards including the JOKERS.

A six deck card shuffler is helpful but not necessary.

A three section tray to hold the cards can be used but is optional.

If playing teams, divide up evenly on two teams.

Alternate seating so no two teammates are sitting next to each other.

No talking to teammates about the cards you hold or offering suggestions on what to play is allowed.

Shuffle all six decks of cards together.

Divide into two stacks and place in the middle of the table leaving a spot in between the decks for the discards to be placed.

If using a 3 section tray, place the cards in both outside sections.

The middle will be used as the discard section.

22 cards per person are taken from deck by: picking up what you think is 22 cards.

Add or give back cards to equal 22.

Divide cards into two stacks of 11 each.

If you draw exactly 22 cards you get 100 points added to you score.

Give one stack to the person on your right and one stack to the person on your left.

You do not get to play the cards you draw.

Choose (without looking at) and pick up one of the two stacks you are given to play.

This is your hand.

The other stack is your foot and can only be played after you have played all cards in your hand.

If you have played all cards in your hand and have not discarded you can continue to play using your foot.

The winning team of each hand gets 100 points added to their score for going out.

RED 3’s count 500 points against you if caught with them in your hand and/or foot when the opposing team goes out.

Black 3’s only count for 5 points.

You cannot make a book with 3’s.

They are only used as discards and to freeze the discard deck.

Freezing the deck is done by throwing a 3 of any color or a wild card as your discard.

Freezing the deck means next the player after the 3 or wild card is discarded cannot pick up from the discard pile.

They can only draw from the 2 playing stacks of cards when the discard pile is frozen.

Points of the cards are as follows:
Joker – 50 points
Ace & 2’s – 20 points
8’s through Kings – 10 points
4’s through 7’s – 5 points

Jokers and 2’s are wild cards.

A RED book or CLEAN book counts 500 points.

A book is complete when there are 7 cards.

A BLACK book or DIRTY book counts 300 points.

A book is complete when there are 7 cards.

REGULAR cards must always outnumber wild cards in same group by one card: 2 to 1, 3 to 2 or 4 to 3.

Once a book is closed no more wild cards can be added to it.

Once everyone has gotten their 22 cards, one card from one of the decks is turned over and placed in the discard pile.

Everyone draws a card from the stacks of cards in the center of the table to see who gets to go first.

High card goes first.

Replace the drawn cards randomly in the decks.

Choose one person from each team to keep the cards throughout the game.

No sharing information about cards in hand with teammates is allowed.

ALL players on team must have played one turn in their FOOT before anyone on a team can go out.

Cards left in your hand do not count against you if your team went out.

ALL unplayed cards count against the team that did not go out.

The starting player draws 2 cards from the decks of cards or picks up the card from the discard pile and 4 penalty cards from the decks.

Does not matter which deck.

Can even draw one card from each deck if desired in one play.

Play all cards in hand you want to before DISCARDING one card.

The next player can only play after the previous player has discarded.

If a player has the required points and cards to lay cards down or MELD then they may do so before discarding.

Once one person on a team has laid down the appropriate cards and points, then the rest of the

team builds on what was laid down by their teammate when their turn comes around.

Must have a minimum of three cards for each group of cards laid down.

Can be three of same card or 2 cards and one wild card.

To pick up the top card on the discard pile: the player MUST have two

of that card in their hand and MUST immediately play the cards.

You MUST take the next 4 cards below the top card as PENALTY cards.

If there are not 4 cards below the card in the stack then the remainer of the penalty cards must be drawn from one of the decks.

FIRST HAND - Must have 50 points to lay down or MELD.
2 CLEAN and 2 DIRTY books are required to finish this round.

SECOND HAND – Must have 90 points to lay down or MELD.
2 CLEAN and 2 DIRTY books are required to finish this round.

THIRD HAND – Must have 120 points to lay down or MELD.
3 CLEAN and 3 DIRTY books are required to finish this round.

FOURTH HAND – Must have 150 points to lay down or MELD.
3 CLEAN and 3 DIRTY books are required to finish this round.

OPTIONAL BONUS ROUND – Must have 200 points to lay down or MELD.
4 CLEAN and 4 DIRTY books are required to finish this round.

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