Growing up in the South, we enjoyed hunting as a fun hobby

that could have a practical benefit. Supper!

If we were lucky, our catch provided a tasty meal.

If not…, well, we had fun anyway.

Some people think that it is boring. Well…, maybe to some people it is boring.

That’s their opinion, and that’s OK, for them.

We enjoyed it, and just being outside with the peace and tranquility.

There are so many ways to hunt that we will just look at a few.

As a hobby, it can be as economical and as simple as walking through the field and shooting anything edible. (Been there, done that.)

Or, it can be as luxurious and expensive as a big game safari in Africa. (Willing to try that)

We were usually somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes, we walked through the field and shot doves.

Sometimes, we sat under a tree and shot squirrels.

Sometimes, we used a boat to try for a few ducks.

Sometimes, we combined it with fishing.

We would throw out a line, and watch for ducks to fly, or a squirrel to move, while we waited for a bite.

I remember the trip when we scouted for deer tracks just before deer season.

We found a few tracks and followed them a little ways.

Just as we decided to go back, a large doe jumped up almost beside us.

So, we decided that was a good spot to try.

Another time, I stepped outside the back door and saw two rabbits.

I hurried inside and grabbed my single-shot.

Just as I stepped back outside, the rabbits lined up perfectly.

One shot, two rabbits!

I have so many wonderful memories!

Thanks for allowing me to share some memories.

As you work on your own memories, have a good time, be careful, and enjoy!


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