Remembering trapping brings many memories to mind.


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We used several different techniques, depending on which animals we were after.


We used several types of nets and devices for catching fish.

Seine nets were used to drag the bottom and could be 100' long. 

Once we used a seine to catch shrimp at the beach.

We caught several dozen in a few hours after midnight.

My share was used in a Low Country Boil!

Dip nets were used for bait, and sometimes keepers, at the edges. 

Once we used a dip net in the creek during high water and caught 

several bream and buckets of minnows to relocate to my uncle's pond. 

Casting nets were used for bait, and sometimes keepers, when they were striking 10 - 20 feet from the edges. This is my favorite when fish food has been thrown and the fish are swirling on top of the water.  

Fish traps were made of chicken wire as a cone shaped device. 

Another piece of the wire formed the mouth which tapered down 

to keep the fish in the device. We baited the rear of the trap with 

chicken livers or canned dog food. Once we even caught a pair of 3 pound bass.


Drop lines, or limb lines, were used to catch big fish near the banks.

We would bait these with a large minnow that was barely in the water.

Once we caught a 4 pound catfish that was only 10 inches long. It 

was almost as big around as it was long.

Trot lines were used to cover a long stretch of water up to 50'.

This was a strong twine with baited hooks every few feet apart.

It was a good way to catch catfish and sometimes even bream.

Jug floats were used sometimes when we had a boat to chase the jug.


We used several traps for raccoons and possums. We would freeze 

and then sell the whole animals.

Steel traps were baited with sardines or tuna.

Sometimes live traps were used, if possible. 


We used steel traps for foxes and bobcats, occasionally.

These were some of the ways trapping helped put food on the table 

and we earned a little pocket money for ourselves.

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