Let's Go Fishing!

Growing up in the South, we enjoyed fishing as a fun hobby that could have a practical benefit.


If we were lucky, our catch provided a tasty meal.

If not…, well, we had fun anyway.

Some people think that it is boring. Well…, maybe to some people it is boring. That’s their opinion, and that’s OK, for them.

We enjoyed just being outside with the peace and tranquility.

There are so many ways to fish that we will just look at a few.


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As a hobby, it can be as economical and simple as hook and line on a pole or stick. (Been there, done that.)

Or, it can be as luxurious and expensive as a commercial boat with nets and lines. (Willing to try that.)

We were usually somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes, we used cane poles with bait caught nearby (crickets, worms, minnows, etc.).

Sometimes, we ran a trotline. Have you ever heard of using soap for bait? It works!

Sometimes, we used a cast net to catch bait.

A few 10” shiners and a rod and reel on a sunny summer day was guaranteed to be a fun trip.

I remember the trip when our daughter caught her first bream!

She had a little 3’ rod with a little kids reel.

I baited the hook with a cricket and threw it out about 10’ from the boat.

I turned around to bait another hook, but before I could throw it out, she had one hooked.

She reeled and fought for a few seconds.

I asked her if she wanted help.

As usual, she said no, she could do it by herself.

Well…, she did. She caught a hand-sized keeper and she was only 3 years old!

I have so many wonderful memories of time spent on the water!

Thanks for allowing me to share some memories.

Have a good time, be careful, and enjoy your time outdoors!

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