Dodge Ball

Let’s play a game! Remember… Dodge Ball?

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Growing up in the South, we worked hard and played harder.

One of our favorite games was dodge ball.

There are many variations of the game.

Here are just a couple of the variations that we played.

Game #1 –

***small group of players
***several soccer balls (or volley balls, etc.)
***large area to play (30’ long X wide enough for all players)

An equal number of players would choose teams.

Set up a 30’ long play area that is wide enough for all team players.

Set up a clear center line, end lines, and side lines.

A tennis court or a basketball court would be fine.

*Any player crossing the line is out.

*Any player hit with the ball is out.

*If your team player hits opposing team player with the ball, it is still your teams turn.

*If your team player misses, it is your opposing teams turn.

*When all players on one team are out, the other team wins.

This game variation we played at school, usually during PE class.

It was sometimes called Battle Ball.

Game #2 -

***small group of players
*** one soccer ball (or volley ball, etc.)
***large area to play (20’ X 20’)

A small group of players would form a semi-circle.

One player would be in the middle, “IT”.

Other players would take turns throwing the ball at “IT”.

*If “IT” is hit with the ball, the thrower is now “IT”.

This game variation we played at neighbor’s yards, or a nearby hay field.

Sometimes, we played “House Rules”. “House Rules” may be any variation we chose at that time.

*For example, today we may agree that if you are “IT” and you get hit by the ball, BUT, you catch the ball, you are not out.

Be careful, have fun, and PLAY BALL!


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