Ladies Day

The ladies in the family decided we needed our own special get together.

So, Ladies Day was created.

A special day, time, menu and activity is planned.

Children can attend if necessary but it's not exactly their cup of tea.


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Our first  get together was a formal tea. We served hot tea and had lots of finger foods.

Little sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, and desserts were served in beautiful crystal and floral dishes. 

The tables were decorated with white table cloths, floral arrangements, name place cards and matching china patterns plates, cups and saucers.

We ate, talked, caught up on all the latest with each other, and watched season one of a popular tv series. 

Our second ladies get together was not quite so formal but just as fun and memorable.

We served salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

We then played a game that was intended for a family reunion in 1997 that we did not get to do and it was boxed up placed in a closet and forgotten until recently. 

The game consisted of a piece of paper with a number and a question on it and a corresponding  "prize" that matched the number.

The questions were placed in a basket.

Each of the ladies had to draw a question, read the number, the question and answer the question before they got the "prize" associated with that number.

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Keep in mind this game was intended for a family reunion for all ages in 1997.

It had been so long since we had put it together that we no longer remembered what the prizes were.

 Here is a sample of the questions and the prizes that are remembered: 

Who was your first kiss? Prize - chocolate kisses

Did you ever participate in a hog killing? Prize - can of hog brains

What was a prank you pulled on someone? Prize - ????

Have you ever used a cane pole fishing? Prize - short stick with fishing line and a hook

Tell about your first hunting trip? Prize - previously fired shotgun shells 

Have you ever picked cotton? Prize - cotton balls

What is a home remedy you remember being used on you? Prize - band aids

What was your first job? Prize - a dollar bill

What were you doing when the first astronaut walked on the moon? Prize - stickers with stars, moons, etc

Do you remember your worst hair cut? Prize - assortment of hair clips

Have you ever pulled peanuts from the ground or off the plant? Prize - can of boiled peanuts

What was the first movie you saw in a movie theather? Prize - movie poster 

Have you ever dug worms for fish bait? Prize - bag of dirt with plastic worm

Have you ever followed the zodiac signs when planting a garden? Prize -  horoscopes cut from a news paper and lettuce and radish seeds.

Have you ever grown your own vegetables? Prize - small jar filled with an assortment of peas and beans seeds ready for planting

Who was your first grade teacher? Prize - stickers

Do you know what a sage broom is? Have you ever made one? Prize - sage broom

What is your best grandparent memory? Prize - color page with grand parents and small child

What is a memory from a fair or carnival? Prize - caramel candy with popsicle sticks for making candied apples

As you can see the game got us all to share and get closer.

The prizes were not the goal, but intended to be a reminder of the day and fun.

Questions to be asked should be designed by knowledge of people who will be playing.

We opened a time capsule when we played the game for sure.

We had lots of laughs and told on ourselves about a few things too.

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