Summertime was HOT!!! But, it was the most anticipated season of the year.

For months (mostly during school hours), we dreamed of swimming, fishing, no school, and no more homework!

For us, summer started when the school bell rang on the last day of school .

We were able to swim, or fish, or whatever our hearts desired, but only after our chores were finished.

Eating ice cold watermelons was as much a part of summertime as fishing.

Swimming was our highest priority and we could usually be found down at the old swimming pond.

We would swing on the old rope tied to the oak tree and drop into the water.

Or, jump off the high banks into the deep springs

Sometimes, we would float on an inner tube and fish with a short cane pole.

Fishing was usually at the swimming hole, or a nearby family pond.

We could fish for largemouth bass, speckled perch, bream, catfish or just whatever happened to be biting.

Sometimes, we would go to the river.

Once, we even caught some smallmouth bass.

Camping out was a highly anticipated event.

Campfires were made for cooking hot dogs when no fish were caught.

The campfire smoke was a great way to keep the mosquitoes and bugs away.

Chores were usually mowing grass, working in the garden, and feeding the livestock.

Playing included cut grass wars, tomato fights, or chasing and riding the livestock.

But after the daily chores were completed, we were free to do whatever we wanted.

Sometimes, we played basketball or baseball when enough players were present.

Sometimes, we played dodge ball or a game of keep-away.

Summertime jobs like working in tobacco or baling hay were done to earn money to go to the movies or buy a special fishing lure.

Another way to earn money was picking up drink bottles and aluminum cans that sold by the pound.

Whatever the activity, as long as we were not in school we were having FUN.


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